Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lose Yourself In The Exotic Fragrance Of Egyptian Musk Oil!

Egyptian Musk oil is a scented oil whose fragrance has been very popular for many years. This oil includes an overtone of patchouli and rose and several other essential oils such as myrrh, cedar wood essential oil, vanilla essential oil, amber essential oil, and pure almond oil.
Properties of Egyptian musk oil:
a) It is a unique combination of various essential oils and it provides many aromatherapy health benefits.
b) When applied to the skin, it works as an emollient to keep the skin healthy and moisturized.
c) It is used as an insect repellent.
d) It is used as massage oil to stimulate instant relaxation.
e) It is used for anointing purposes.

What makes Egyptianmusk oil different from other musk oils?

1) It is not a strong smelling perfume thus it can be applied all over the body.
2) It is used as a powerful deodorant since it has the ability to mask the smell of sweat and body odor.
3) It is a long lasting, slow release perfume. As the body temperature rises, the oil vaporizes and thus the perfume releases its smell providing a long lasting fragrance for hours.

More than just a perfume, Egyptian musk oil can be used for many more purposes. When a small amount of this essential oil is added to soaps, hand sanitizers, shampoos, body lotions, night creams, and in aromatherapy, it adds an amazing fragrance! To buy Egyptian musk oil, you can log on to